Who wants to be a Millionaire?

… not least the dinky duet ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’. Although the lyrics jokingly protest against it we all know we would love to have a big bundle of paper with the Presidents or Her Majesty’s face adorning them land on our laps. “All my worries would be over” you might say. “I’d share it with my family and those who are most needy” too. Yes,Guest Posting I’m sure you would, only a million pounds doesn’t go as far as it used to and you ought to consider how much is going to be left over to pamper yourself with.

The fact is that the going rate needed to lead a jet-set dubai duty free shopping lifestyle these days is more like 10 million pounds. Actually, being a millionaire is not really something to write (or email) home about at all these days anyway, because there’s reckoned to be 250,000 of them in Britain alone and you need 70 million just to get in at the bottom of the 1,000 rich list. By 2020 it’s thought that millionaires will be rather commonplace (most new ones today are professionals who’s savings and property has increased).

To be truly financial independent come 2020 we would need to become billionaires – I suggest the estimated 10,000 multi millionaires we have on this island start tightening their purse strings now!

So it’s not what it used to be, who cares, a million would still free you from the struggle of the daily 9-5 grind and paying the mortgage from hell. Yes, it would, but you’ve still got to be careful how you spend what you’ve got left over. After all, while there are 50 new British millionaires each day there’s a fool born every minute – and we all know what happens to a fool and his money!

The first thing you should do after picking yourself up from the floor on having been told you had won a million on the lottery is to take some wise advice. The Lottery Board had advisors on had as a first port of call for this, but independent counsel might be a good idea too – listen to family and friends by all means, but please get professional advice on how not waste that million.

Where Your Money Goes

It’s estimated that £85 million is spent on the British Lottery alone each and every week, all in the hope of becoming a millionaire. Now let’s imagine that you actually are one of those lucky few who do win: what are you really going to spend it on? Without doubt you’ll be looking into purchasing your dream house and, naturally, the best way to go in search of it is in your new, expensive car.