What Do I Feed My Dog Now? Part 3

Okay,What Do I Feed My Dog Now? Part 3 Articles great. But which brand of high quality pet food do I buy? There are quite a few out there. I feed my fifty-five pound female lab mix Wellness (Senior Dry Formula). Just look at the ingredient list. It looks like a grocery list: human grade whole chicken, apples, blueberries, tomatoes, spinach, etc. There is nothing you cannot recognize; nothing chemical, all natural and healthy, and everything is geared to be ultra highly digestible so your pet gets every bit of nutrient assimilated into his body. The list includes a veritable rainbow of powerful antioxidants. They add chelated vitamins and minerals. Wellness takes the extra step to chelate them because that process makes them highly absorbable. They’ve got a beneficial ratio omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (flaxseed). Wellness is also one of the only dog foods to include probiotic bacteria (healthy gut bacteria), which aids in digestion and helps to inhibit the growth and activity of disease-producing organisms. Oh, here is a nice thing for us humans – they add yucca schidigera. A plant extract that while providing a healthy environment for good gut bacteria in your pet, it binds to ammonia thus reducing fecal odor and gas, which makes it a lot more pleasant cleaning the yard. My husband loves that!

The senior formula I feed my girl is a thoughtful blend Cheri Honnas of ingredients that support the special needs of older dogs. They reduce the fat and phosphorus so aging hearts and kidneys don’t have to work as hard. They also put in natural glucosamine HCL and chondroitin sulfate from New Zealand Green Mussel and Sea Cucumber which helps maintain cartilage in aging joints. They also have quite an array of other formulas including a Whitefish and Sweet Potato for very allergic dogs. Wellness is oven-baked and human grade, and it never contains corn, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy, egg, ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, by-products or anything artificial.

I wish I ate this healthy! My girl is eleven, and everyone thinks she is two or three! Where can I buy the stuff? You can run around checking the local pet stores to see if they sell it or… You can click on the link below and you will discover as we did an amazing company that not only sells Wellness pet food but can customize and pack pre-measured single serving dog or cat meals with your pets name on it AND pack the exact single dose of whatever medications or supplements your pet needs! This simplifies feeding time for your kids, the sitter, and you! And it makes traveling with your companion a breeze! Check them out! And get this¦ they only charge a flat rate $6.95 for shipping no matter what you buy (yes, even dog food!) and no matter how much you buy, whether it’s one bag of dog food or twenty bags of dog food. Unbelievable. My girl and I swear by them! May all your four-legged children be healthy. And remember, no chocolate, no onions, no raisins, no grapes, and one I just learned about is no avocados